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Main Characters


What he lacks in a name he makes up for in brash idiocy, which is what got him into this mess in the first place. Not a native to Norheim, he’s a bastard trying to gain a title and land, and prove his worth as an heir to his wealthy family’s fortune and proverbially ‘make a name for himself’. This has gone horribly wrong, and he’s now found himself on the run through Norheim, hunting the God Stone to try a fix an idiotic mistake.

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This Al’Hauran is shambling across Norheim, for reasons unknown to anyone but him. On the outside it appears that his goal is to drink everything in the universe, but that just seems to be a side quest while he’s being dragged about by an angry man with green eyes and a stupid beard. He’s a witty and sarcastic slob, being forced to run a lot in a foreign continent that hates him just for existing. It seems that he has a checkered past, of which he is attepting to flee from and drown out.

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Prince Ry’Kauza

He’s the crown prince of the Horse Tribe, and has a vendetta to settle. With his bodyguard/right hand he’s stalking after a fugitive in a country the Horse Tribe is at war with to bring him to justice. Humourless, overly-serious, and armed with the thickest eyebrows in the land, the prince is dutifully bound to complete this task he’s been given by the Queen. However, he’s not convinced there isn’t a plot in the works back at the palace to keep him from the throne. Why else would he be sent on this far flung mission? He also needs to take medication for his paranoid personality disorder. The two, he thinks, are unrelated.

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Who is she? She’s the fastest one, that’s who. A mysterious lass, pouncing onto the scene with ferocity and powerful channelling, she’s too focused on her mission to care about anything else. Nothing will defeat her strength of will or distract her from what she needs to do. While her huge ego and pride are a factor, she reluctantly submits that she needs some help, as the mission she’s on is far more important than even her own life.

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Supporting Characters


An ex- slave, he’s fought his way to the top, brandishing his winning smile whenever was needed. Currently he’s the master of slaves for Blackcastle and Prince Ry’Kauza’s right hand. He’s a mysterious and complicated young man and can be described in many ways: well presented, tidy, multi-talented, hygienic, fierce, rage-filled, murderous, psychopathic, unhinged…above all else everyone agrees he can be summed up as ‘chipper’.

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C Listers

– Deceased. The last known Splitter, Deiderik attacked and killed all the royal family, except for King Hundus albeit leaving him horribly maimed. His Splitter madness left him gibbering about children sucking up the life force in his last days.

Gaaveikur –
Warding Gull Tribe. He was the inventor of Warding Gulls, and the last known user of the God Stone. He’s been given an unnaturally long life, and wanders the mainland of Norheim as a disgusting monster, barely recognisable as a human.

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