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About Comic

The God Stone follows the story of four people trying desperately to fix their idiotic mistakes, while surviving in a cruel world of capricious gods and tyrannical dictators. Their lives become entangled in plots of gods and mortals, and inevitably with each other. Whatever their goals it all centres around the object of legend, The God Stone, which was recently stolen from its safe haven and is currently missing. Whether they want to use it, destroy it, or put it back where it belongs, they’re all in a mad dash to be the first to get to it. Epic fantasy, with magic fighting, and comedy action.

The God Stone updates every Thursday*

About Me

I’m Jessica L Byrne, English lass in her late 20’s perambulating about Scotland, owning 2 fluffy rabbits and a Samoyed called Kiba. I write and illustrate the God Stone. I currently work for Comichaus, illustrating the story Karyn Shade. I’m also involved in various comic works alongside freelance illustration.

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Have you got a lot of questions? Well, I’ve got a lot of answers!

Q. How long have you been doing this?

A. I started doing the comic properly around March, 2012 but the story has been with me for years. I have been paddling around the comic pool for my entire life, drawing and making gag-strips and then fan comics up until I started this.

Q. How long does it take you?

A long time. The digital colouring can take an average of 6 to 8 hours depending on its complexity.

Q. What’s your process?

A. First I write its script. Once the script is done I’ll draw a rough version of the chapter, thumbnails which are very scribbly and are just to portray angles, composition and postures of the characters. This gets a feel for how the chapter will flow and make sure pages look good next to each other, avoiding tangents. Heavy editing goes on in this stage. Once that is complete I start on the pages. I do it all digitally in Photoshop cs6, using my Cintiq. To start construction on a finalised page I follow the draft, changing compositions or dialogue as needed, and often work on exaggerating all of the expressions and body language to give it more energy. Once Lineart is complete I colour the backgrounds first, to plan the lighting and then colour the characters. Then I cry for a while because I’m a huge hack that has no idea what I’m doing. Then I give myself a pep talk in front of the mirror, that I’m a powerful, intelligent Queen who wins art. Then, I upload it.

Q. What’s it all about?

A. What’s anything about, man? What are you all about? What this is about? The main theme is disillusionment with religious practise and the separation of head of state from the real needs of the people. The detrimental effects that figureheads thrust upon their people through callous desire of their own personal gain or via a misguided sense of doing what is right warped through archaic principals and religious doctrine…or its about an Irish bloke and a fat guy getting drunk in the woods…

Q. What the hell is channelling?

A. I don’t even know. It’s magic. Kind of. More here: What The Hell is Channelling?

Q. What time period is it?

A. Depends which country you’re talking about. Norheim is somewhat medieval because of religious repression and the inability to travel and exchange ideas. Al’Haura, much more advanced, so is more like the early 20th century.

Q. What is that jazz themed steam punk thing?

A. Its exactly that….More of a George 5thian style instead of Victorian (that’s 1920’s -30’s to you non English folk…well not exactly, but why should it only be Queen Vicky who gets a time period? )

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

A. From everywhere. Sometimes I get hit with the brick of inspiration, other times I have to work on it but I get my inspiration from music, people I know and various fandoms. I’d like to say something more romantic likened to sitting beneath a willow tree and gazing at a heron preening by a river but its more like some wifey I work with or a crazy man I saw puking in the street.

Q. Who is your favourite character?

A. I have a love affair with most of them for various reasons. Some I like more than others but I hope it isn’t too obvious.


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