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About Comic

The God Stone follows the story of four people trying desperately to fix their idiotic mistakes, while surviving in a cruel world of capricious gods and tyrannical dictators. Their lives become entangled in plots of gods and mortals, and inevitably with each other. Whatever their goals it all centres around the object of legend, The God Stone, which was recently stolen from its safe haven and is currently missing. Whether they want to use it, destroy it, or put it back where it belongs, they’re all in a mad dash to be the first to get to it. Epic fantasy, with magic fighting, and comedy action.

The God Stone updates every Thursday*

About Me

I’m Jessica L Byrne, English lass in her late 20’s perambulating about Scotland, owning 2 fluffy rabbits and a Samoyed called Kiba. I write and illustrate the God Stone. I currently work for Comichaus, illustrating the story Karyn Shade. I’m also involved in various comic works alongside freelance illustration.

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Have you got a lot of questions? Well, I’ve got a lot of answers!

Q. How long have you been doing this?

A. I started doing the comic properly around March, 2012 but the story has been with me for years. I have been paddling around the comic pool for my entire life, drawing and making gag-strips and then fan comics up until I started this.

Q. How long does it take you?

A long time. The digital colouring can take an average of 6 to 8 hours depending on its complexity.

Q. What’s your process?

A. First I write its script. Once the script is done I’ll draw a rough version of the chapter, thumbnails which are very scribbly and are just to portray angles, composition and postures of the characters. This gets a feel for how the chapter will flow and make sure pages look good next to each other, avoiding tangents. Heavy editing goes on in this stage. Once that is complete I start on the pages. I do it all digitally in Photoshop cs6, using my Cintiq. To start construction on a finalised page I follow the draft, changing compositions or dialogue as needed, and often work on exaggerating all of the expressions and body language to give it more energy. Once Lineart is complete I colour the backgrounds first, to plan the lighting and then colour the characters. Then I cry for a while because I’m a huge hack that has no idea what I’m doing. Then I give myself a pep talk in front of the mirror, that I’m a powerful, intelligent Queen who wins art. Then, I upload it.

Q. What’s it all about?

A. What’s anything about, man? What are you all about? What this is about? The main theme is disillusionment with religious practise and the separation of head of state from the real needs of the people. The detrimental effects that figureheads thrust upon their people through callous desire of their own personal gain or via a misguided sense of doing what is right warped through archaic principals and religious doctrine…or its about an Irish bloke and a fat guy getting drunk in the woods…

Q. What the hell is channelling?

A. I don’t even know. It’s magic. Kind of. More here: What The Hell is Channelling?

Q. What time period is it?

A. Depends which country you’re talking about. Norheim is somewhat medieval because of religious repression and the inability to travel and exchange ideas. Al’Haura, much more advanced, so is more like the early 20th century.

Q. What is that jazz themed steam punk thing?

A. Its exactly that….More of a George 5thian style instead of Victorian (that’s 1920’s -30’s to you non English folk…well not exactly, but why should it only be Queen Vicky who gets a time period? )

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

A. From everywhere. Sometimes I get hit with the brick of inspiration, other times I have to work on it but I get my inspiration from music, people I know and various fandoms. I’d like to say something more romantic likened to sitting beneath a willow tree and gazing at a heron preening by a river but its more like some wifey I work with or a crazy man I saw puking in the street.

Q. Who is your favourite character?

A. I have a love affair with most of them for various reasons. Some I like more than others but I hope it isn’t too obvious.


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World History

The Split of the God is the birth of the God Stone. Before channelling existed gods used to enter the mortal plain as they realised that they could make mortals worship them, and with more worship came more power. This began a mad power struggle to coerce mortals into fractions and fight each other for worship supremacy by giving mortals access to godly power, known as channelling. Folk needed their newfound channelling abilities, but could no longer endure the tyranny of the gods and constant war.
An unknown mortal rose against this iron rule and attacked one of the leaders of the gods, the Fourth God Lord known as Rebirth. This mortal was The Splitter. No one knows how the Splitter became so powerful, but they managed to slay the god, shattering its body and tearing out its soul. The soul of the god became the God Stone, and the Splitter, knowing that the god’s body was a vessel for a huge amount of power, shattered it into pieces and scattered it across the world, creating the God Shards.
Further into here:
After the Split of the God its corpse was split into pieces and scattered across the continent. Although without a soul, the god's corpse was still imbued with terrible power, even after the body was shattered into shards. These pieces of god leak corrupting power into their surroundings, and are very dangerous, even deadly.
If any tried to wield a God Shard they would mutate into hideous monsters or go mad. The God Shards became known to be more dangerous than useful and have largely been left alone since the first few decades after the Split of the God.
The locations of most of the Shards are known, however some are missing. Many tribes, most notably the The Horse Tribe, have set about quests to locate and take them all. The Horse tribe, so far, only managed to get a hold of two, the Eyes and The Claws, which were housed in the God Stone's tomb at Blackcastle.
Further into here:
After the Split of the God its corpse was split into pieces and scattered across the continent. Although without a soul, the god's corpse was still imbued with terrible power, even after the body was shattered into shards. These pieces of god leak corrupting power into their surroundings, and are very dangerous, even deadly.
If any tried to wield a God Shard they would mutate into hideous monsters or go mad. The God Shards became known to be more dangerous than useful and have largely been left alone since the first few decades after the split of the god.
The locations of some of them Shards are known, however some are missing. The Horse Tribe set about a mission to locate and take them all, but only managed to get a hold of two, the Eyes and The Claws, which were housed in the God Stone's tomb at Blackcastle.
Further into here:
Splitters are legendary, revered and vilified. They wield power to kill gods, but it comes at a deadly cost. They have always been afflicted with something called Splitter madness. It is thought that the power is too much for a mortal which drives them to insanity, often resulting in cataclysmic rampages, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.
Splitting power manifests in many ways but there are three main splitting techniques that have been documented: They can shatter objects, by separating its parts. As an example, they can collapse a wall by separating the stone from the mortar. The effect of this is usually a violent ejection of the two substances which results in an explosion.
They can cleave, or shatter objects. Most commonly this is slicing an object in half, no matter its material. Disintegrating objects. Eg breaking a stone down into sand.
When a splitter is discovered people call it an 'age of splitter', and fear the end of the world during the era the Splitter is alive. Splitter madness leaks into them slowly, and has always ended with death and disaster. If a splitter is discovered they are usually killed quickly before the splitter madness sets in, and they mature to full power.
The last known Splitter was Deiderik, who was dubbed the child killer for his propensity for killing pregnant women and children.
Further into here:
The Black Wind is the name commonly given to a monster that manifests in a blackened, smoky tornado. It descends from the skies and will seek out any human not carrying warding stones, and destroy towns if their perimeter wall is disrupted. Warding stones mask the visibility from the Black Wind and are necessary if you want to travel outside the walled settlements. Althought hard to see form the smoke and debris, it is reported that the shape of a huge monster resides within the spout. None have lived to see it up close.
Further into here:
Al’Haura is the neighbouring continent to Norheim. They were joined by a small slip of land but the Split of the World created in the Rift, a rocky and impassable chasm that now separates the two. The continent has a black majority, however there is a minority white population, most often with very fair or blonde hair.
Al’Haura does not suffer from the Black Wind and has been able to advance technologically to which Norheim thinks is an abomination unto the gods. The Al’Hauren’s still use channelling, but have integrated it into machinery and focused their attention onto conveniences and daily comforts. Norheimers sometimes call them Machinists derogatorily.
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Channelling is the name given to the magic of this world. Its a movement and transformation of energy which requires the use of an item known as a channelling stone. Without a channelling stone those of channelling ability are not able to perform their magic. The stones themselves are specially crafted, utilising different materials, stone types and other properties to enhance a particular channelling discipline. If a channeller specialises in a specific element then they are called a 'forcer' for instance person who uses water based channelling are called 'water forcers'.
Becoming a powerful channeller requires the best stones and education, therefore it is often only available for the wealthy.
Further into here:
Without a stone channelling is impossible. The stone acts as a focal point for the energy to pass through and be altered into your desired effect. Stone craft is the business of testing and creating channelling stones, by selecting different minerals and materials in order to create different spells.
It is possible for exceptional channellers to use a rock or pebble as their focal point, but the best results are gained form using a well crafted channelling stone.
The stones act as a channel through which energy can be forced through, greatly increasing the effect's potency. Different effects can be achieved by combining different kinds of channelling stone.
Further into here:
Stone crafters are able to create stones that cause an ambient effect regardless of channelling ability. These effect stones need only be in a person's possession and don't need to be actively used or focussed on. The stones effects don't last forever and do eventually run out, needing to be replaced.
Some common effect stones are:
Heat – Necessary for the cold continent of Norheim, this provides warmth
Cooling – Useful for some parts of Al'Haura, cool down the user.
Light – Like a torch, will emit light.
Warding – Made only in the Warding Gull Tribe, these mask the user's presence from the Black Wind, and are necessary to travel.
Rarer and more complicated versions exist. For example a blood stone is a healing item that will heal minor flesh wounds. Only a splitter can create this. Similar to the God Stone a blood stone is a mortal's soul torn out and put into a rock.
Many more forms of effect stone exist and are more readily available, with some being more easily crafted than channelling stones.
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The Gods

The Gods have a strict structure in which they rule each other, and governs how powerful and influential a god is.
The hierarchy is:

  • The Four god lords
  • Life and Death
  • Physical gods
  • Animal deities

Gods differ in power, temperament and appearance based on the culture that believes in them and worships them. All gods are female.

Further into here:
The for lords are the rulers of all the gods, and although they are separate entities, like the yin-yang, they perform as one whole. They are the representatives of the cycle of all things, the flow of life into death, of changing seasons and without one of their parts they're unbalanced.
The Gods are:

  • Beginning- the herald of spring she brings dormant energies back to life.
  • Preserver- herald of summer, she maintains life and brings prosperity.
  • Destroyer-herald of autumn, the world cannot continue with this bounty, so destroyer creates change and takes back the life energy.
  • End - (deceased) the herald of winter, she stops the path of destruction and renews the cycle.

Further into here:

The physical gods are those in command over events and physical entities. They are widely benign and avoid the petty squabbles of the lesser deities, being powerful enough, and too focused on their task. They are too innumerable to mention but as an example a few are gods of the Sun, Moon, rivers, forests, mountains etc. 
Further into here:

Tribes and Countries

There are 18 tribes which construct the mainland of the continent Norheim. Each tribe has their own identity, land, and most importantly the specific God they worship. For more indepth information on each of the tribes please follow the link to the Wiki page.
The Tribes:

Horse - Most influential tribe. They have conquered many other tribes and snuffed out many others from existence.

Dog - second largest by population. Holding fast against the Horse tribe's attacks.




Snowy owl









Snow lion


Arctic fox

Tundra Bat

Further into here:

For any further reading you can check out in depth background info here:


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Main Characters


What he lacks in a name he makes up for in brash idiocy, which is what got him into this mess in the first place. Not a native to Norheim, he’s a bastard trying to gain a title and land, and prove his worth as an heir to his wealthy family’s fortune and proverbially ‘make a name for himself’. This has gone horribly wrong, and he’s now found himself on the run through Norheim, hunting the God Stone to try a fix an idiotic mistake.

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This Al’Hauran is shambling across Norheim, for reasons unknown to anyone but him. On the outside it appears that his goal is to drink everything in the universe, but that just seems to be a side quest while he’s being dragged about by an angry man with green eyes and a stupid beard. He’s a witty and sarcastic slob, being forced to run a lot in a foreign continent that hates him just for existing. It seems that he has a checkered past, of which he is attepting to flee from and drown out.

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Prince Ry’Kauza

He’s the crown prince of the Horse Tribe, and has a vendetta to settle. With his bodyguard/right hand he’s stalking after a fugitive in a country the Horse Tribe is at war with to bring him to justice. Humourless, overly-serious, and armed with the thickest eyebrows in the land, the prince is dutifully bound to complete this task he’s been given by the Queen. However, he’s not convinced there isn’t a plot in the works back at the palace to keep him from the throne. Why else would he be sent on this far flung mission? He also needs to take medication for his paranoid personality disorder. The two, he thinks, are unrelated.

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Who is she? She’s the fastest one, that’s who. A mysterious lass, pouncing onto the scene with ferocity and powerful channelling, she’s too focused on her mission to care about anything else. Nothing will defeat her strength of will or distract her from what she needs to do. While her huge ego and pride are a factor, she reluctantly submits that she needs some help, as the mission she’s on is far more important than even her own life.

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Supporting Characters


An ex- slave, he’s fought his way to the top, brandishing his winning smile whenever was needed. Currently he’s the master of slaves for Blackcastle and Prince Ry’Kauza’s right hand. He’s a mysterious and complicated young man and can be described in many ways: well presented, tidy, multi-talented, hygienic, fierce, rage-filled, murderous, psychopathic, unhinged…above all else everyone agrees he can be summed up as ‘chipper’.

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Under construction

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C Listers

– Deceased. The last known Splitter, Deiderik attacked and killed all the royal family, except for King Hundus albeit leaving him horribly maimed. His Splitter madness left him gibbering about children sucking up the life force in his last days.

Gaaveikur –
Warding Gull Tribe. He was the inventor of Warding Gulls, and the last known user of the God Stone. He’s been given an unnaturally long life, and wanders the mainland of Norheim as a disgusting monster, barely recognisable as a human.

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ARCHIVE published on

A little explanation is needed, and Brynook is happy to give it in exchange for a cold tankard of ale. The history of the gods and the Splitter is long and complicated, but don’t worry, Bryn will summarise. He’s a nice guy like that.


Everyone is hunting for something: For a fugitive, for absolution, for the God Stone, or even just for survival.